Warriors News · Athletes Attend Leadership Conference

Leadership is learned on and off the court and field. Several of BNI’s athletes had the opportunity to attend the IHSAA Leadership Conference held at Plainfield High School. The event was held on June 19th and had two main speakers and several small break-out sessions. The conference had two dynamic keynote speakers. Mr Harvey Alston had a message of being a positive person and helping to be the change we would want to see. He gave us the acronym of HAPPY (H- heart , A- attitude, P- pride, P- people, Y-you) to help remind us of the power we have on influencing others. The magician/comedian in Mr. Stephen Bargatze gave a message as well as amazement. He reminded the audience that everyone has a story and even if others seem different or even weird, we need to remember they are people too. He challenged the audience to reach out to someone this coming school year that might not fit in, that sits alone at lunch, that others make fun of. He was that kid that everyone picked on and he become successful. The student-athletes found the day to be beneficial. “There is a lot we can use (at BNI) that they taught us,” said Leslie Munoz. “There was not one thing I did not like about the day,” said Ameer Lawrence. “I hope other athletes come to this next year. They all should,” said Savannah Krolak. All in all, it was a great day.

Pictured: Ameer Lawrence, Jordan Kammer, Leslie Munoz, Emily Sutton, Hailey Pierce, Savannah Krolak