Warriors News · Learning Leadership through Colts General Manager and InSideOut Initiative

The InSideOut Initiative is an education based program for coaches to help promote transformational coaching and helping to transform athletes lives. The program is provided through the IHSAA Foundation and sponsored by the Indianapolis Colts. One of the founders, Joe Ehrman, was a professional football playing for 13 years, 10 with Baltimore Colts. He created the program based off of his own experiences as an athlete and coach. His book, InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives, tells of Ehrman’s story but helps with getting coaches to go deep inside themselves first to find out why they coach. He expresses how coaching is a journey  and finding something bigger than ourselves. The training began two years ago with athletic administration and is now filtering down to coaches.

On Tuesday, April 30th, the Foundation was fortunate to get Colt’s General Manager, Chris Ballard, as the guest speaker. He spoke to a room filled with athletic administrators and coaches about how the relationship part of coaching is the most important part. Coaches are there to develop a better person, not just an athlete. As administrators and coaches, we need to help build that type of culture. The things he and his scouting staff look for are an athletes character and what they did in life, not just on the field. He talked about what was key to their organization such as trust, promoting personal growth, having high standards, team before self, loving what you do, and winning the right way.  “You are not always going to win, but we are going to learn lessons. Great lessons when we win, and great lessons when we lose,” said Ballard. He went on to remind us that sports eventually end and that we need to prepare athletes for life and life’s work. Together we can help to build relationships and moral character in order to help create a culture that supports and promotes Education Based Athletics. Ballard commented about talking to his players, “We are gonna go as far as you take us.”  So how far will we go?

Chris Ballard, Colts General Manager                                                                                                                                                                           Joe Ehrman, InSideOut Founder